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Black lives matter


Black lives are of infinite value, to God and to me, there is no doubt about it. 

Unfortunately, the organisation referred to as Black lives matter has characteristics of a terror organisation; that is not to say, that all people who are part of it are terrorist, but the characteristics are clearly at the core of the movement. Furthermore, the organisation embraces marxism, which is besides national socialism the 2nd worst thing that ever happened to humanity. If you study history, please look at all the nations and cultures that embraced marxism and communism as their core values, it always led to catastrophic events and dramatically decreased the well-being of human beings. 

Having a criminal past and having been part of an extreme right wing group, I tend to be keen to see right through extremists groups and their true motives and see common characteristics among extreme left groups and extreme right groups. To make it short, they are basically the same, although they hate each other and differ in political convictions and those differences basically are the only reason why they both exist and maintain a right to exist in the first place. For example, the group I was part of, is surprisingly similar to the black bloc of the Antifa. 

At the core always, is fear, which is an offspring of the sin nature of humanity. The self-righteous nature of humanity tends to elevate one sin above the other, in order to distract from a bigger issue; however, hatred is just as much an offspring of sin as envy, greed, bitterness and fear. 

The solution to that dilemma is not more hatred, it is love. And there are two kinds of love, there is a humanistic type of love, which is not necessarily all bad, but it isn’t as pure as the love of God and it cannot drive out fear. Love has its core definition in the divine, not in humanity. And the divine is revealed in Jesus Christ. He then, can cast out fear, because love is stronger than fear.

I do not believe that the gospel is overly concerned with politics in general, however, it does address the current issues of our world. One thing is for sure, that no Christian who carefully studies the bible can embrace socialism as a core value - whether an extreme left version (Marxism) or an extrem right version (National socialism). Socialism at its core goes against what the gospel teaches, and therefore I do not understand the socialistic convictions that many Christians hold on to. For example, it is basically not possible to vote for a socialism-party without violating core convictions of the bible regarding variety of matters. On a different note it is interesting to mention, that there is evidence-based date that most people of color in America do not believe that there is currently such a thing as systemic racism. Morgan Freeman doesn’t believe it exists, Denzel Washington doesn’t believe it exists, and even rappers such as Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg don’t believe in it.

Humanity must understand it is in need of a Savior to bring about solution to the personal and cultural problems. Jesus Christ died and paid with His blood and went to the place where we would deserve to go, in order to suffer for all of the wrongdoings of the entire human race. Perhaps, some who are reading this cannot comprehend this. Don’t try to understand it with your head, just embrace it, and it will become clear to you.

Pray with me: „Jesus, I receive you as my Lord and Savior. Forgive me all of my sins. Through this post, I understand now that I need you. Come into my life and lead me and guide me. I pray this in your name, amen.”

If you have prayed this prayer, we believe you got born again. Send me a message so I can tell you how you can grow in your new life in Christ.

Philipp J. Schmerold, Global Kingdom Mission 
July 1st 2020